Thursday, July 8, 2010

God's will VERSES Mans will!

Since the day that my brother went missing, I have not stopped! My sisters, Margie, Mari, and me began searching for him and returned home even more discouraged and confused then when we began. We continue to try flyers, hang Posters, A FindNony Facebook account, FindNony MSNOnline account, buttons, anything to bring attention to anyone! How can a grown man vanish from this world and NO ONE have a clue?

This is where I will welcome you on our adventurous ride of the unknown! As many of you have probably heard at least one of the many rumors out there. My family and I also have to endure hearing the same rumors come out of the mouths of those people that we once watched Nony play next to as children. Naturally we grew frustrated and angry with those people my brother loved and trusted! However my oldest sister Margie, also being spiritually the wisest, led us in prayer. We as sisters began to come together more frequently in prayer! Things began to happen, to us as sisters! We began to grow closer as sisters *we were always close* but this was different! I remember the day that metro found Nony's car. My sister Mari, my sons and I were passing out flyers with a group of friends from both facebook and my church. I recall giving everyone their list of areas, bidding them farewell as they parted in their groups and getting in my truck. I knew there was something wrong! I knew that I needed to make a call to a friend that I had not spoken to in a while. I felt bad, I didn't want to call her! What was I going to say? It had been a long while since I had talk to this friend. I remember the feeling of urgency rushing through my body as my hands began to shake and I dialed her number. As this lovely lady said "Hello!" My heart dropped, I knew! I knew it was serious! This friend says, "Rita, did they find him?" "Was it an accident?" I asked,” What are you talking about?" This friend with a kind heart realized that I had no idea that they had found Nony's car! She says,"I am so sorry!" "They found Nony's car!" "I got a text from Johanna *Nony's wife* about ten minutes ago and they found the car at Mt. Charleston!" My heart knew that she was going to say something about my brother.

This would have never happened if Margie would have not of prompted all of us to let go and let God! The more amazing part was I immediately hung up the phone, jerked my truck around and began calling my sister. As I turned the corner, there was my sister Mari pulled over at the side of the road, she was trying to call to see if I was alright. I stand all amazed as a witness that God knows all of us by name! He knew and loved me that day and he showed me in several ways how much! #1 The fact that God allowed the Holy Spirit to prompt me to call this friend even though we hadn't been in contact for many, many months. Then within the window of ten minutes she receives news and I call her! #2 I am in awe that even though my sister in law texted everyone on her phone to entrust perfect strangers and social friends with information that should have been shared with Nony’s family before texting her social network. God still found a way to make sure that the Spirit got HIS WILL across and HIS MESSAGE to us. #3 I am humbled and honored to have been a tool and a vessel of my Heavenly Father to have received that prompting to call! Since that day, the testimonies of my sister and I have grown. We still continue to pray for Nony, his sons and for the truth to soon be revealed. Don't get me wrong, we have our bad days. We just don't have them together! We know Nony's disappearance was not the will of God or of Nony! No matter how many times I hear Nony's wife, Johanna and about metro claiming that Nony might have left. I know in my heart that Nony never just left as so many claim that he did! Of course, it is easier for the police and so many others to assume this then the other because him leaving is an easier way to accept what has happened. I have this terrible thought that I have to often cast out of my mind. It is of my brother, Heriberto Herrera's Missing Persons file just sitting on a detectives desk, being substituted as a coaster with a coffee mug on it.

I am writing this blog to give everyone a personal insight and I welcome you to laugh and cry with us as we push forward! I do this for Nony because I know that if I were missing, Nony would be doing this for me! So we as sisters will continue on our journey and quest to search for the truth as to what really happened to Nony. Which will in time lead us ultimately to FIND NONY!